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The Artes School

Artes School has left no stone unturned to develop a campus full of meaning and support of our cause. Our campus has been crafted to match the curious learning young minds soon to come here. The Colorful campus promotes a feeling of happiness and belonging so students can learn in a bright mode.

The Smart School

The Smart School offers world-class, affordable education in Pakistan. Established under the aegis of The City School, it is committed to providing an efficient learning environment for your children, helping them compete and excel in the rapidly evolving environment of today. We offer quality education from kindergarten till Matriculation, in efficient and well-organised campuses.

Usman Public School System

The first campus of Usman Public School System was established in 1989. Alhamdulillah, at present, it has 33 running campuses and more than 14,000 students. The Usman Public School System is an establishment where great emphasis is given to Islamic moral values and basic ethics without compromising on high academic standards.

The City School

Graduates from The City School secure positions in top universities worldwide. Our students, according to Cambridge Assessment International Examinations annual results analysis, are amongst the highest achievers in their city, their country and, in some cases, in the world. The City School continues to expand its reach to meet the demands for quality education.

Meritorious High School

Meritorious Schools Network — a fully accredited and recognized school system, surrounded with an amazing support team, is focused on inspiring young learners from the grass root level up to college level. From the gentle introduction to learning in Nursery School, through the steps taken towards independence in the Junior School, to tailoring a Senior Curriculum, our flexible curriculum ensures a rich variety of pathways to suit the ambitions of each girl and boy

Crescent Cambridge School

A handful of students has now turned into a student body of 9000+, one of the largest Not for Profit schools in Pakistan which is no less than a miracle. With a rich history exceeding fifty years, the Crescent Model Higher Secondary School has maintained its glorious tradition of providing quality education, trained staff and merit based and need blind admission policy.

The AMI School

The AMI School is a progressive and dynamic institution with a holistic approach to education. It is dedicated to creating a learning community of motivated students and staff engaged in active learning through modern trends and methodologies. It was originally known as The AMI Montessori which was established by Mrs. Gool K. Minwalla in 1968. The same institution has been upgraded to offer a full academic program from Pre-Nursery to O level and is registered with the Cambridge International Examinations and Sindh Education Directorate

The KIVA School

Their first school experience plays a vital role in their academic and social development going forward. The Kiva School came into being with the collective dream to build a space that not only provides a strong academic foundation, but also cultivates holistic growth – socially, emotionally, physically and more. We also hoped to create an environment in which the children feel so safe and comfortable that they love coming to school

Karachi Public School

Provide for each student a complete education that encompasses English, Mathematics, Science, Society and the Environment, Health and Physical Education, Information Communication, Technology and the Arts. Recognize that parents are the essential educators and parental support can assist in the acquisition of skills, attitudes and values that the community and society deem to be important.

Aisha Bawany Academy

We have a shared set of values and aims on which all our efforts are driven. Our commitment to high quality education is designed so that the students are motivated to synchronize the same with excellence. We reciprocate the students by appreciation of their talents and abilities individually so that other students are also motivated to join the race for better performance.

Civilizations Public School

Our students are immersed in various areas of studies ranging from German language to Additional Mathematics to History. Along with a rigorous academic experiences we also ensure each student is coached in sports ranging from rollerblading to Gymnastics to Taekwondo. Every student, at some point, takes up every sport on offer as well as theater, debate and poetry recitals. To make sure each student gets the attention they deserve we have small class sizes for a good student-faculty ratio.

Dhaka Secondary School

The Dhaka Secondary School aimed at to facilitate the boys and girls residing in Karimabad is imparting them high quality education at reasonable cost in a serene, congenial and peaceful atmosphere. Our aim is not only to educate the children, but also to make them worthy and responsible citizens of the country. So that when they leave our institutions they do not swell the number of educated illiterates but help the society and the country to mobilize its limited resources for the optimum benefits of the nations.

Fortune House School System

At ‘FSS’ we instill education at the highest standard and inculcate confidence, pride and personality development attributes in our students. Discipline is the foremost priority of Fortune House School System. At FSS we have excellent teaching faculty who are updated with the latest techniques and syllabi of todays’ advanced modern world. Excellent salient features are provided to the students and parents from Pre-Juniors to Senior-III.

Green Flag School

Highly qualified and experience teachers who provide your children the most comprehensive and effective education. Spiritual awareness through teaching of religious concepts. Stress on the development of positive attitude. A complete library with latest reference books for SSC and HSC boards. Reference books and worksheets used to enhance students knowledge. Fully equipped science and air conditioned computer laboratories.

Habib Public School

At Habib Public School, we take great pride and responsibility in raising the generations of tomorrow. We strive to make all of our graduates creative and critical thinkers, good communicators and collaborators, and highly technologically literate. The world is constantly evolving and we at HPS want to be confident that our students are evolving with it.

Metropolis Academy

In Metropolis, we touch the spirits deep down. This is the combination of our modern perspective towards the teaching learning process with our values and traditions that is at the root of all the developmental processes that are adopted for our students. Our Islamic heritage and the fundamental extracted principles are truly reflected in whatever goes in our system.

Shaheen Cambridge School

At Shaheen public school and college, we are committed to providing worldclass education and learning environment in which all students achieve the very best academically, physically and socially. We challenge and inspire each student to achieve their dreams and to become a passionate learner, preparing them to adapt and contribute to a rapidly changing, highly competitive global society.


Beaconhouse values its heritage while it continues to reinvent its educational approach to meet the needs of the future. We believe that modern methods and attitudes can enable students to achieve their fullest potential. With the world and the needs of the community changing at an ever-increasing rate, Beaconhouse endeavours to be open to change, to adapt, innovate and keep pace with the goals that society expects.

Chiniot Islamia School and College

The school started with a humble strength of only 26 students in 1986, which by 2012 has risen to approximately 1800 students. During the year 2003 we started the Afternoon shift also for only the Boys in Primary classes. A total of 124 students were admitted during the Ist year. The same year girls students were also admitted in class VI in the morning shift on the request of parents. Year 2004 saw major academic uplift programmes.

Nasra School

Nasra School takes immense pride in the standard of education it offers to students of all ages. Always incentivizing our pupils to pursue academic excellence, we implement an intellectually-stimulating, government-approved curriculum for Primary, Secondary, and Higher Secondary academic sections. For our Pre-Primary levels, we employ an activities-based learning module, the Early Childhood Education (ECED) Program, which has shown great efficacy in developing not only the creativity and confidence but also the intellectual capability and long-term interest in learning of our tiny tots.

St.Patricks High School

St. Patrick’s High School has strong learning and academic traditions where every student is encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning in an environment that values knowledge, excellence, scholarship and innovation. It does this through: Fostering personal worth and belonging, tolerance, compassion and generosity. Educating boys, young women and young men holistically in spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural and social dimensions of life.