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From the time you start your day to the time you sleep; our appliances stand by you as your workhorse. So, go ahead and make that toast, prepare fresh juice to go, blend your smoothie, bake your muffins, grind the coffee beans, filter your favorite coffee, dry your hair, iron your clothes, vacuum your home, grind the meat, chop the vegetables, prepare your family’s favorite meal, all without hassle.


SOGO is one of the biggest Groups of Pakistan. We kept diversifying into the category of Rechargeable Products, Solar Products, Electrical Equipment and Lighting Equipment, until we reached an Era where the sellers market was changing into a buyers market. Since its inception SOGO has focused on people of Pakistan empowering them with the most reliable products.


Anex is a renowned leader in household appliances, which sources top quality products from the world-class factories to provide a diverse range of appliances to customers. Anex prides itself on sourcing only quality products, which is achieved by stringent quality control management. we offer intelligent quality products that guarantee excellent results in order to exceed customer expectations for a new and rewarding home experience.

Super Asia

Super Asia Appliances encompasses a wide range of home appliances, which include Fully Automatic Machines, Semi-Automatic Washing Machines, Spinners, Air Conditioners, Fans, Gas and Electric Water Heaters, Water Dispensers, Electric Water Coolers, Room Air Coolers, Evaporative Air Coolers and Microwave Ovens. One of the top 5 manufacturers in the fan industry, Super Asia is also a market leader in its Washing Machines, Room Air Cooler and Water Heaters.


G.F.C is one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality electric fans in Pakistan. We have an extensive distribution network all over the Globe. GFC was the first company to receive the Export Trophy and Brand of the Year Awards in the fan Industry of Pakistan. Ever since G.F.C has continued to be the recipient of numerous Awards for the acknowledgment of our foremost commitment to producing and exporting high-quality fans.