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Conference Calling

  Type Voice & Text Video File Transfers Requirements Max Attendees
Conflab PTSN Both Yes Yes IE and NetMeeting 8
Free Conference PTSN and Web-based Voice No No ? 25 or 100
PalTalk Web-based Voice Yes No microphone 50

Fax Sevices

  Fax Details Wireless Notification Storage Limit Notes
Efax Receive-free, send-$, wireless notification avail Yes ? US, UK and 20 other countries
FreeFax Send from web, receive in email No n/a Send to many countries. Ad-supported.
K7 .tif file to email, no page limit No 20 messages Numbers are assigned in Seattle area code only
The Phone Company Send from web No n/a Send to many countries. Ad-supported.
Totally Free Paging Receive in email Yes n/a Have to purchase a $25 pager to activate service. Available in California, Arizona and Nevada.
TPC Fax Send via email No n/a Different languages available. Ad-supported.

Free DSL / Internet

  Areas Served Free Email Ads Notes
Address.com US Yes Yes - Maintain active Address.com email address (log in at least 2x/month).
- Maintain Address.com as your browser homepage, search page and start page.
Internet Provider UK No No - No setup or monthly fee
- Pay only for the minutes you're online, at UK-wide 0845 rates
Juno US Yes Yes Offers limited access
NetZero US Yes Yes 10 hours free each month

Internet Answering Machines

  Voicemail Caller ID PC or Mac Take Call Message Check Special Features
eVoice Receptionist Yes Yes Any Yes Email, web or phone You get your own dedicated voicemail number with advanced call screening and handling. 30-day free trial.
My1Voice Yes Yes PC Yes Web, email, phone, SMS notification Advanced virtual receptionist service. 30 day free trial.

Internet / VOIP Phone Services

  Phone to Phone PC to Phone PC to PC Max
Dialpad No Yes Yes None
FreeWebCall No Yes No None
iConnectHere No Yes Yes 60 min
MediaRing No Yes Yes None
MSN No Yes Yes 5 minute calls
(PC to Phone)
My Free LD No Yes No None
Net2Phone No Yes Yes 5 minute calls
(PC to Phone)
PalTalk No No Yes None
PC2call No Yes No None
Tellme Yes No No 2 min
Visitalk No Yes Yes None
WowRing No Yes Yes None
Y! Messenger No Yes No 2 min

Online Invitations

  Address Book Maps BBS Graphics / Colors / Sounds What To Bring Polls Manual
Evite Yes Yes No GCS Yes Yes Yes
Sendomatic Yes Yes No G Yes No Yes
Yahoo! Invites Yes Yes Yes GC No No No
Address Book
Allows you to store all your guest addresses online. Quickly add guests to your invitation from the address book. Some sites allow you to import addresses from other sources.
Provided you've entered a full address for the location of your event, this feature allows guests to view an online map and possibly driving directions to the event.
Give your guests (and yourself) the opportunity to leave messages on an online, event-related message board. Great for discussing ideas both before and after the event!
This indicates whether or not you can format the look and feel of the invitation with customized graphics, colors and sound files.
What To Bring
This very useful feature allows you to specify a list (and quantities) of items you need your guests to bring to the event. When they reply they can indicate which item(s) they are planning to bring, thereby allowing you to keep track very simply of who's bringing what.
Another very useful feature that allows you to ask your guests questions (with a fixed set answers) and keep track of the responses.
If your guests don't have email, or respond by other means, this feature allows you to manually enter their responses into the system yourself.

Online File Storage

  Basic Storage Max Storage Share Files PC or Mac Notes
ElectraDrive 10MB 100MB Yes PC 30 day free trial
FileGenie 5MB 2000MB Yes ? 15 day free trial
Mozy Remote Backup 2GB Unlimited Yes PC Automated, encrypted backups.
NetDocuments ? ? Yes PC 15 day free trial
Sharemation 5MB 5MB Yes PC  
Yahoo! Briefcase 30MB 30MB Yes Both  

Short Messaging Systems (SMS)

  Max Messages Send Messages Notes
All 4 Free 140 characters per message Yes Text
CFBSMS None Yes UK only
Golden Telecom 140-160 characters/message-2 per # each day Yes Ukraine only
MessageX None/80 characters per message Yes Text
OurNet None Yes Text to Voxtel GSM subscribers only
Page-me ? Yes Text
Totally Free Paging None No Must buy $25 pager


  Voicemail Details Wireless Notification Storage Limit Notes
eVoice Web or phone access. Voicemails sent to email account. Yes Full service stores messages for 14 days US local and toll-free numbers. 30 day free trial.
K7 .wav file to email, 5 min message length limit No 20 messages Access messages via email, phone, or K7 website
RingCentral Web or phone access Yes ? Get a local or toll-free number. 7 day free trial
Totally Free Paging Sent to email Yes n/a Have to purchase $25 pager

Other Free eCommunications

Blogger Free blogging tool
Flickr Free photo albums and online photo sharing
Format-It Automatically format your email prior to sending it
Furl Online bookmark management tool
LiveJournal Free blogging tool
Ping-O-Matic Free remote blog pinging tool
Ta-Da Lists Simple, quick to-do list tool
Writeboard Authoring tool that lets multiple authors collaborate on a single document
Writely Free web-based word processor